Personal Listing / Men's Catalogue FAQ

If you have no time to browse through the thousands of girls listed in our database…, if you lost hope to find love with Russian women, our PERSONAL LISTING service can help you!

Below are many questions you might have regarding our personal listing…and their answers:

Where can I order the personal listing / men's catalogue service?

Please click here to order a Personal Listing Membership.

Why should I make use of the personal listing or men's catalogue service?

If you are looking for a Russian lady to marry and have some special requirements, or you are just too busy to write letters and you would prefer to have the ladies make the first contact with you, then a personal listing is an excellent way to start off your correspondence.

What is the personal listing? - What am I paying for?

When you purchase a personal listing service, your profile (a short description about yourself and your photo) will be listed online for thousands of Russian ladies to view. You will receive a log in and password which you will use in order to change/update your profile at any time and view DIRECT reply letters from the Russian ladies. This will basically be your online "mailbox" which you can use in order to reply to the ladies who replied to your profile.

Unlike other agencies, your profile will ALSO be listed on a printed catalogue which we send to Russian ladies. We send out 1000 (yes! one thousand!) catalogues every month to ladies who are randomly selected from our huge mail list. These catalogues are sent DIRECTLY to their home/postal addresses.

Can I select specific ladies and have my personal listing mailed to them?

Unfortunately not as we have a system which selects the ladies randomly. We can however suggest that when you write your letter for your profile, state in the letter what type of lady you wish to contact you. For example include your age preference, weight and height preference, if she should have any children etc.

Will my contact details (email address and postal address) be displayed online?

No, your contact details will not be displayed online. We have a system where the ladies will be able to contact you via email without seeing your email address.
Only the city and country you are from will be displayed on your profile.

What if the ladies want to contact me via regular mail?

When the ladies want to reply to you via regular mail, they will send their letters to our office in Ukraine. We will then send the letters in bulk to your postal address.

Is the Personal Listing service only available for men from the USA?

Absolutely not! The personal listing service is available to men from ALL around the world. We have had great number of members from different countries. The United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Armenia, Chile, New Zealand and even Poland are just to name a few. Many of our clients from these countries have reported to us that they get excellent response from their personal listing profiles.

How soon will my profile be placed?

Your profile will be placed within 1 to 2 business days on our online personal listing after we've received your payment. It will then also be placed within the next 4 weeks on our personal listing catalogue, which we will send out to the ladies from the former USSR, shortly after being printed. 1000 copies will be sent out every month.

Who will be able to view my profile?

Thousands of ladies only from the former USSR will be able to view your profile. These ladies include many of the ones listed on our website, their friends and relatives.

How soon after placement of my profile can I expect a response?

Once your profile has been listed, you can expect a response right away. We have a great number of ladies visiting our online men's catalogue every day, therefor you will have many ladies viewing your profile which will result in many responses.

How many responses can I expect?

Responses vary and also depend on your profile and the quality of your photo. Some of our members have received up to over a hundred responses per week!

What if the ladies reply to my profile in Russian?

When we place your profile, we translate your profile letter in Russian in order to make it easier for the ladies to read. There are chances where the girls will reply to you in Russian. If you would like the letters translated, you may contact us as we do offer a translation service. Cost = $5.00 per A4 translation.

What do I need for my profile for the personal listing?

You will need to send us a short letter telling us a little about yourself as well as a photo.

How long must the letter be and what information should I include?

The letter can be approximately 300 - 350 words. We only need a short introduction letter that includes your most important details. Please include information such as: your name, date of birth, height, weight, where you are from, your occupation, marital status, any children, hobbies and interests. You should also include information about the type of girl you wish to contact you, such as age, height, weight and any other special requirements.
Below is a perfect example of a letter written by one of our former members:

"My name is Brant Vigil. I was born on January 25th and I am 45 years old. I am a recently divorced single father and I live with my two wonderful sons of 15 and 12 years old in our beautiful home in San Diego, California, USA. San Diego is one of the nicest warm beach cities in the world. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to live and enjoy all the benefits of this beautiful place. I own an Advertising and Printing company which allows me a lot of freedom to enjoy my life. I lead a healty lifestyle and enjoy many activities including gym exercise, yoga, surfing, and snowboarding, as well as eating a good diet. I love my life and try to appreciate each day. I am only missing the most important part. Someone to share each day with. I am looking for a beautiful, loving, family oriented girl to be my special other half. I hope to find this person very soon!"

What type of photo and how many photos should I send?

For best results we recommend that you send us a professional, color photo of yourself. Remember that your photo is the most important part of your profile, therefor it is best to send a good quality photo.
You may send us as many photos as you like, however we will only use one to two photos for your profile. You will also be able to change your photo listed with your online personal listing profile at any time.
Below is an example of a good quality photo that was sent to us by a former personal listing member.


Where do I need to send my information for the personal listing?

Please send your letter, along with your photo/s to us via email. Your letter can be sent as a normal email and the photo as an attachment.
You may also send your details via regular mail. Please contact Shené if you would like to send your details via regular mail.

How much does the personal listing cost?

Choose any of the two following types of personal listings:

Basic personal listing
4,000 letters are sent out over a 4 month period. The effect is that your letters reach approximately 20,000 ladies.
Price $150.00

Premium personal listing
12,000 letters are sent out over a 12 month period. This effectively reaches 60,000 ladies.
Price $350.00

Where can I order the personal listing / men's catalogue service?

Please click here to order a Personal Listing Membership.

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