Dear Larissa,

I remember my first contact with Evelina was in January 2002. I communicated with Evelina first of all by e-mail for a couple of weeks, and then mostly by telephone with only the occasional e-mail as she didn't have a computer at home. I realised that we got on very well, so I arranged to meet her for a holiday in Moscow for a week. That was in March. She lives in the south of Russia, about 800 km from Moscow, so that was a compromise location. We had a great time together in Moscow, and I went to visit her at her home the following month. She came to visit me in June, and we decided to get married about that time. We were finally married in Poland, as I have dual citizenship (Polish as well as British).

Yes, we are very happy together and are looking forward to the future. Whatever way you choose, it is always difficult to find someone with whom you are truly compatible. Going through your internet agency has proved to be effective in finding the person I want to share my life with. Otherwise I would never have met her. Thankfully, the internet cuts across boundaries and social divides.

All the very best, and thanks again!


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I want to meet a man who never hurt me, who never cause pain to me, who always support me no matter what! And I will love him with all my heart!

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